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Best Of: Book Nook

Alexie CatalanoThe Bookworm of Edwards has more than 80 registered local book clubs.

Sure, The Bookworm of Edwards is the last word on local bookstores ” but it’s more than well-stocked shelves. With a cafe famous for crepes and coffee, a diverse selection and an entire wall dedicated to the current selections of 80 local book clubs, The Bookworm is a community hub. “I like to describe us as a general-interest, independent bookstore,” says Nicole Magistro, who owns it with Kristie Allio. “We have a large local Colorado section, and a large travel section comparatively. But fiction continues to be our best category. We’re seeing a rise in the reading of escapist fiction; people want to take a little break and escape.”

The Vail Library has the requisite packed shelves, helpful librarians and overall quiet of any library. But it’s also got comfy chairs and a fireplace to gather ’round and read.

The lawn of Ford Park is strictly BYOB ” Bring Your Own Book. But it’s a sunny place to laze about in the grass, listening to children laugh and trees sway.

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