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‘Best of Braaap’ showing in Vail

Special to the Daily/Mark Middleton

VAIL, Colorado – People do the darndest things when you point a movie camera at them.

Take “The Best of Braaap,” for example.

The film follows snow machine riders through our spiral arm of the universe as they fly off oh-my-gawd high cliffs, power through powder and do other things that make you think they might have completely lost their sense of self preservation.

In other words, they’re having a bunch of fun in the snow, doing stuff that’ll make their mamas ask, “You did WHAT on your snowmobile?”

“The Best of Braaap” combines the greatest stuff from the previous movies.

“‘Braaap 10’ features big mountain snowmachining at its best,” says Jaya Lange with Braaap Films, who helped put the film together. “Lots of over-the-hood powder, big drops and jumps all set to energizing music.”

And before we go any further, what in the name of the steep and deep is “braaap?”

“BRA’A’AP, is the sound a snowmobile makes when you give it the gas,” Lange said. “The word and the sport go hand and hand. If you ride or slide, you know what that means.”

Pro riders Wesley Sandoval and Luke Kennedy will be at the Sandbar Saturday for the double feature screening of “The Best of Braaap” and “Braaap 10.”

The “Best of Braaap” was filmed in Colorado, Wyoming and all over Canada, and features some of the best spots to ride snowmobiles in North America and Europe, Lange says. It runs 120 minutes.

Lange connected with Braaap Films when he needed someone to jump over a band for a music video he was filming. He found a guy who knows a guy, and before you can say, well … braaap, a snowmobile was flying over the band.

Lange is the new producer for Braaap films. He films, edits and produces, and hopes to take over the entire business.

He’s trying to carve out a niche by combining his two passions, snowmobiles and film production.

He launched Suckytime productions in 2006.

“It’s one of the hardest extreme sports to make a living,” Lange said. “It’s a passion-driven sport. If you’re not passionate, you’re not going to make it.”

Suckytime films all sorts of different sports and creates videos for clients.

Lange took over production of Braaap Films this year. He has been filming for them for two years.

“I edited and filmed much of the movie this year,” Lange said. “Next year I will be filming and editing the entire movie.”

If someone is climbing something, jumping off something or otherwise intentionally putting themselves in harm’s way, and they want to film it, Lange is willing to strap himself to the side of a cliff and go with you.

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