Best Of: Gallery in Vail |

Best Of: Gallery in Vail

Alexie CatalanoRayla Kundolf keeps the walls colorful at Masters Gallery.

Masters Gallery is part gallery, part community service. That’s due to gallery director Rayla Kundolf, whose first goal isn’t to sell art but to encourage it. “Every day people come into the gallery,” she says. “They may not have the means to purchase at this time, however, it does not stop their appreciation of art… Art makes them feel good about themselves, about life. It’s like an escape.” That sentiment overflows from the walls, which are filled with varied work chosen by Kundolf.

Vail’s PISMO Gallery is one piece of a glass-gallery family. Specializing in both functional and non-functional (read: art for art’s sake) glass, it’s a colorful world.

Vail International Gallery has carved out a fine niche in the local art scene. Filled with the work or artists from Holland to Italy to Colorado, there’s not another gallery like it. The bronze bells, traditional paintings and intricate wood collages are exciting.

Vail Village Arts is known for its downright frolicsome collection. Check out the kinetic sculptures, lifelike statues and highly detailed trompe l’oeil.

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