Best of good choices for Eagle County, Colorado |

Best of good choices for Eagle County, Colorado

Tracy M. Gordon
Vail, CO, Colorado

No politician is perfect. Trust me. I’m married to one. But some are definitely better than others. We are lucky here in the Vail Valley that the vast majority of our politicians are in it for the right reasons. They want to help. We are very fortunate that we don’t have to second guess the motivations of our leaders.

So please don’t misinterpret my endorsements contained in this letter. It has been a joy to see very little negative campaigning amongst our local candidates. And this letter is not meant to cast a negative light on any candidate. The purpose here is to just explain who I believe will make better and more effective leaders in our community.

First let me urge you to vote for Jon Stavney for county commissioner. He is one of us. He understands what it is like to be a middle-class family in Eagle County. His experience as mayor of Eagle will serve him well as commissioner. It is important for our commissioners to understand what goes on in our towns. His business experience will insure that there is a good balance between the private and the public sectors in our community.

Next I think that it is vital to the future of Colorado that the Democrats continue to control both houses of the state legislature. The only way that Colorado will improve our education system and create a new energy economy is by keeping the state House and Senate in Democratic hands.

Towards that end I strongly support Christine Scanlon and Ken Brenner. Both of these candidates have proven to me that they are ready for the task of guiding our state through these perilous economic times. Scanlon has already proven that she knows how to get things done in Denver. Her experience, intelligence and sincerity are too often lacking in politicians. She will work to make sure that Colorado’s children are well educated, and our forests are well managed.

Ken Brenner has also shown me that he is ready to lead. His experience in Routt County and Steamboat Springs will help him make the important decisions in the state Senate. It is important to us in Eagle County that our state senator will actually spend some time here and listen to our issues. Ken will help advance Colorado’s future and protect our natural resources. In short I trust these three candidates. Please join me in voting for Jon Stavney, Christine Scanlon, and Ken Brenner.

Tracy M. Gordon

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