Best of Vail 2017: Voting is now open; balloting ends Sept. 30 |

Best of Vail 2017: Voting is now open; balloting ends Sept. 30

Balloting is open for the Vail Daily's Best of Vail. Go to Voting runs through Sept. 31.
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Vote for Best of Vail

Go to and vote.  Voting closes Sept. 30.

VAIL — It’s time for the Vail Daily’s Best of Vail.

We’ve been doing this for several years and there are a few bald-faced lies we’d like to put to rest:

1. You vote for these things. We count the votes and the ones with the most votes win.

2. It’s not based on the amount of advertising someone buys. It’s based on your votes. (See: No. 1.)

3. Show some decorum when you win. We’ll have none of those end zone dances frowned upon by the professional fun hater in the NFL. We encourage the same sort of reaction as a Real American Man who is admiring a pristine 1968 Mustang. Those are not tears in his eyes.

4. Eagle County has the best This, That, or The Other, and 28,000 people voted in the Vail Daily’s 2016 Best of Vail. From Cheap Dates to Great Pants, no category was ignored. This year we have somewhere around 100 categories.

You voted Fred Butler and Captain Video as the two best letter-to-the-editor writers, about which we opined, “Fred Butler is so persuasive, he could play strip poker with the Devil and never feel a draft.”

We have a category for the kinds of ski stunts that flout the laws of physics and make lawyers go apoplectic.

We have a category for Best Steak, which can be tough because no Real Man tells another Real Man how to cook his steak.

We have a category for Best Chairlift. (It’s Gondola One, because there’s an ancient steel gondola car from the original gondola, and you need that perspective as you ride up the mountain on warmed and padded seats.)

We have a category for best local singer, and while we know you’re inspired to vote for Your Beloved Uncle Randy and Scott Miller singing the Rolling Stones … OK, go ahead and vote for us.

Alas, we do not have a category for best newspaper story about The Best of Vail. But feel free to make this one a write-in winner.

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