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Best Pancakes or French Toast

AE 3 sq meals Route 6 TS 12-09-07

Route 6 Cafe

The French Press

Bob’s Place

According to Beth Adams, the secret’s in the sauce. At Route 6 Cafe, they wouldn’t dream of defiling their fluffy pancakes with cold syrup or rock-hard butter. “All the syrup is warmed on the griddle, and the butter is soft,” said the server, who’s been at the comfy Eagle-Vail diner for a decade. But the real gem of the operation? That’s Rafael Chavez, the cook. He has three days off a year, and that’s when the restaurant is closed. He stands at the grill and cooks whatever’s ordered. Unless, of course, you ask for the plate-sized pancakes to come in a more petite size. “He can’t do them smaller,” said Adams. But he can do them blueberry or chocolate chip.

It’s a toss up as to why The French Press’s pancakes are so good: Is it the fluffy, slightly sweet batter, or is it the small-batch artisan maple syrup? Or is it both? Owner Zak Stone buys only from the Champigny family. At Bob’s Place, weekends are special. That’s because it’s time for challah french toast. The thick slices of eggy bread are flavored with cinnamon and are good fuel for a whole day of skiing… or recovering from the night before.

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