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Best Pizza

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The Marketplace

Hutch has been in the pizza business for decades at Pazzo’s. According to him, pizza never gets old. “It’s so good!” exclaimed the owner of the Vail store. “And it’s affordable ” and my kids love it. I still eat pizza.” Though his kids run to the cheese-and-sauce variety, he’s likely to try one of their combination pies. The Azteca is for spice lovers, while the Supreme is all the meat you can handle, and a little bit more. The Corfu is a Greek-style Mediterranean pie, with chunks of feta and olives. “We do a good dough recipe here. It’s the way it’s prepared and then chilled that’s one of our secrets to success here.”

Vendetta’s might have the sassiest pizza slingers. The pizza bar is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, a crowd usually filling the room and the bar. Pizza by the slice is the way to go if you’re on the run, but if you’re sitting for a spell try Ray Jay’s Wave, Snow Pig, Willie’s White Room or Popeye’s Passion. The Marketplace is a journey unto itself. All lined up inside a brand new space are a liquor store, tavern, bistro, cafe and creperie. The pizza is good for one or two people and has a pleasingly thin crust. Topping run from the expected (Margherita) to the exotic (Scampi).

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