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Best Place to Buy Organic

Daily file photo"Birds Nest," with beets, sweet potato, cucumber and carrots, is made at Freshies organic market in Edwards.


Village Market

City Market

When you walk into the Edwards organic marketplace, you can see, smell and feel how fresh the food is. Note the vibrancy of the greenest limes and the yummy tasty gingered walnut cherry chocolate chip cookies, and you’ll know why Freshies organics are the best.

Promoting a cleaner, greener planet is a circle, starting with the growers, to the people who risk their lives to see the food delivered, to the sellers to the consumers.

Besides, “You become what you eat,” said conductor of tranquility and glee Delling Zing. “The whole idea of this is to let people know you can do it the way they did it 40 years ago. You have to work a little harder, but boy does it taste better.”

When you taste the warm lavender cookies straight out of the oven, you’ll know exactly what he’s talking about.

“Sometimes eating something just answers all the questions for you,” Zing said.

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