Best Place to Buy Pink |

Best Place to Buy Pink

Roxy is one of those shops where Real Men fear to tread, but shouldn’t. The fine folks at Roxy want you to understand that there’s nothing to fear, especially them. They have stuff you want. More importantly, they have stuff your Reason for Living wants.

“Tell me about it. Our store is all pink,” says Patty Weinstein of Roxy’s. “I’m very excited. We always have lots of pink in the store, especially around Valentines Day. We think it’s a very complimentary color on many women.”

Rest of the Best:

Lacy’s: “Pink’s a big seller, but really green is the new pink. It’s a trend coming from designers in New York and Paris, and we saw a lot of green coming out of market fashion shows in New York and LA. Green is the new Pink,” said Lacy’s Terry Armistead.


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