Best Place to Catch a Glimpse of a Moose |

Best Place to Catch a Glimpse of a Moose

With the obvious exception of Bullwinkle and Mr. Moose (with a nod to those with enough mileage on them to remember Captain Kangaroo), moose are cranky and don’t want to be bothered. The Creator was not particularly kind to them during the design phase, and, well … they’re ugly and like to stay in the deep woods, away from the human be-in that generally manifests itself in happy chatter and giggling in resorts areas like Vail.

However, this may be your lucky day.

Across I-70 from Vail is Piney Lake Road. Go up until you think you’re lost in the wilderness (you’re not), then go up some more. Be alert and be quiet. Locals say you’re more likely to spot a moose there than any other place around here.

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