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Best Place to get Ski Gear

Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyThe crew at Venture Sports tests out ski gear daily for quality control.

Venture Sports

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Gart Sports

Since the staff likes to hang around ” most of them have been there for years ” and they’re on the mountain if they aren’t in the shop,

they’re really in-the-know when it comes to the best gear.

“We use the stuff every day so we know what works and what doesn’t,” said general manager Farhnam St. John, also known as boot-fitter extraordinaire. “We have a lot of fun We’ve got cool stuff.

We buy the gloves we like. We buy the socks we like, the helmets we like. It’s not some corporate sitting behind a desk making decisions.”

The staff also knows that fashion is just as important as function.

“You want something that works well, but also what looks good.”

Vail Colorado

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