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Best Place to Hike

Special to the DailyThe Vail Valley offers an array of great hiking spots for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.

West Lake Creek

Piney Lake

Booth Creek Falls

Following a Jeep road through a forest of Evergreens and later Aspens to an overlook over the Lake Creek hillsides set back from Edwards, West Lake Creek has been a longtime local favorite among hiking trails for years. The hike starts off fairly steep from a little parking lot at the trailhead on Lake Creek Road. After about 20 minutes of hiking, it levels out into a mellow switchback pattern that weaves its way in and out of trees through meadows and along rough-hewn old-fashion fences. The trail is popular on weekends so don’t expect much solitude. Dog owners seem to like the route especially.

On the upside, its popularity makes West Lake Creek a great exercise venue with built-in people-watching benefits, as well as an easy snowshoe hike in the winter time that rarely requires any trail-breaking skills.

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