Best Place to Ride Your Bike in the Dirt |

Best Place to Ride Your Bike in the Dirt

This is where we hark back to stuff going up and coming down at insane rates of speed. Locals love to go down, the faster the better ” faster than a liberal in Limbaugh Land. Although dirt bikes involving the glories of horsepower and the internal combustion engine are not generally allowed on Vail Mountain, we understand how folks could jump to that conclusion. No one who ever mounts a mountain bike dismounts without getting dirty.

Personally, our favorite part about biking on Vail Mountain is that the gondola will haul us and our bike to the top, where we sit astride our noble steel steed and careen toward the valley floor where adoring throngs await to declare us the next Lance Armstrong ” except that Lance is a phenomenal climber and we rode the gondola. Besides that, we could be clones.

To do actual dirtbiking, with actual motorcycles, you need to go public lands farther west, where you can join in singing the anthem “This land is your land, this land is my land, we’re gonna ride at suicidal speeds across our land …”

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Off Highway 131

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