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Best Place to See a Bald Eagle

If Eagle County had a childhood home, it was Wolcott.

Wolcott was, and remains, one of those places where a kid is free to roam to the height and breadth of his imagination ” sort of like a really good dog. Not so very long ago, when the Vail Valley was still the Eagle River Valley, before marketing whiz kids turned it into something more alternative, Wolcott was the center of the local universe. It was the kind of place where Eagle County Sheriff Jim Seabry, his patrol car’s lights flashing and siren blaring, would stop traffic along U.S. Highway 6 to lead the annual Fourth of July Parade along its full parade route, about 100 yards, from the World Famous Wolcott Store to a makeshift ball field near where Wolcott’s freeway interchange is now. No other Eagle County holiday procession has ever stopped traffic on a cross-country thoroughfare.

There, the Wolcott Warriors would do battle with the Bellyache Bombardiers in their annual baseball game ” with nobody quite sure whose side the beer was on, although the Wolcott Warriors think they know, since they never once surrendered the coveted Wolcott Cup, a battered coffee pot pulled out of a scrap heap and painted gold ” at least not as far as they remember.

But even before that, around the turn of the century, Wolcott really was the center of this universe. When the entire economy revolved around those who could head ’em up and move ’em out, more head of livestock moved through Wolcott than almost any other place in the West.

If you want to see a bald eagle, start there.

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