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Best Place to Shop with Mom

Jessa BuchalterRoxy is a haven for fashionable moms and daughters.



Kemo Sabe

The family that plays together stays together. And shopping definitely qualifies. At Roxy, Patti Weinstein sees mothers and daughters all the time. “It’s so nice because they’re doing an activity together,” she said. “I know, it’s only shopping, but we see it a lot. We see the mothers being patient with their daughters, and the daughters being patient with their mothers. And afterwards they say thank you to each other with a big hug and a kiss.” Because the line has become slightly blurred between “mom” and “daughter” fashions, they’re both able to shop in the same store.

At Treasures, Lynne Schleper sees a lot of parents shopping with their college-bound kids. Looking to outfit dorm rooms and apartments, kids setting off for the world of higher education need everything from bookshelves to lamps. They’ll find more than that at the furniture consignment shop in Eagle-Vail and Eagle. Kemo Sabe, a Bridge Street shop specializing in high-end Western wear, everything is handmade in the U.S. In fact, most items are designed by the stores owners. “We get a lot of families in here,” said hat shaper and heartbreaker Amie Glenn. “I think it’s really fun for moms and daughters to come in and buy boots or hats. They’ll buy different styles, knowing they can borrow each other’s.”

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