Best Place to Walk Your Dog |

Best Place to Walk Your Dog

There’s nothing like a riverside stroll with your four-legged lease-breaker. Up in this country, it’s not a Real Dog unless it’s named something like “Aspen,” or “Yukon,” has a bandanna tied around its neck, is allowed to run free at public events while it irritates other people, and weighs at least 60 pounds. Anything less falls under the category “coyote bait,” and has no reason to exist.

But if you have a Real Dog, your favorite place to walk it is along the Eagle River, where we’re certain you’ll find those little dog mess bags to clean up after Man’s Best Friend. Because if you don’t, someone’s gonna drop a big bag of it on your front porch, light it on fire and ring the doorbell. If you’re staying at The Lodge at Vail, you’ll have a tough time explaining it to the neighbors.

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