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Best Restaurant in Avon

AE ZaccaZa3 PU 1-11-07


Fiesta Jalisco

Carniceria Tepic

Where are the women? Women know quality, so they’re hanging out at ZaccaZa! of course. The lively red sauce joint in Avon is clearly an attractive and relaxed place to be, whether it’s at the sleek bar or cozied up in a booth. The pizza and pasta there include more love per square inch than anywhere else in town, what with the homemade sauce, artisan crust and time-consuming process. Try the antipasti platter with a glass of chianti.

It’s the little touches at Fiesta Jalisco that score big with diners: warmed chips, a zesty cabbage slaw and consistently quick service. The Mexican restaurant is known for its signature dish, arroz con pollo, but the ranchero soup with chicken and avocado can warm up even the coldest day. Carniceria Tepic is a one-stop shop for cooks and diners alike. The Mexican grocery store and meat market also serves heaping plates of no-nonsense food, from pan-seared bistec to sopes with carnitas. It’s fast and fresh.

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