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Best Restaurant in Beaver Creek

Preston UtleySplendido's bone-in rib-eye is a show stopper, as is the restaurant.

Splendido at the Chateau

Golden Eagle


For 14 years Splendido at the Chateau has sat perched on a hill, overlooking Beaver Creek Village and mindfully, artuflly served classical cuisine. “I never believed it would last this long,” said chef-proprietor David Walford, who is fresh off a win from a local Master Chef challenge that included local and celebrity chefs. The restaurant could print an entire menu of greatest hits: Dover sole, oven-roasted lobster, pomegranate-marinated rack of lamb. And while Walford keeps a fair bit of those favorites to greet the travelers who return year after year to order that particular dish they remember and love, he also introduces new items. Right now he’s serving a bone-in rib-eye (referred to as the “caveman cut”) that’s stunning and almost virtuous in the sumptuous setting. Impeccable service and a lively piano don’t hurt the experience, either.

When long-time manager Don Bird bought Golden Eagle, the first thing he did was shut the doors for a couple of months. “I think it gave everybody a boost to try a little harder and step it up when we remodeled the restaurant.,” said executive chef Marshall Blanchard. And they have. The friendly staff and delicious food are well served by the contemporary, comfortable space. Try the duck, which has a sweet and crispy skin. At traMonti, the Northern Italian menu changes up every season ” but there are a few favorites that aren’t allowed to go. The lobster ravioli’s fans are legion. The romantic restaurant offers views of Beaver Creek Mountain, which looks even better after a glass of wine. Owner Jerry Weiss has a knack for stocking his cellar, and always offers stellar pairing advice.

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