Best Restaurant in Edwards |

Best Restaurant in Edwards

Troy ConeDish dishes tapas " and a whole lot more.


The French Press


The concept is simple: eat, share, laugh, repeat. Chef Jenna Johansen’s menu changes significantly every night at Dish. She and her staff are clearly inspired and fueled by change, and lunacy of lunacies, it works. The restaurant is just 18 months old, but it’s already an old hand at feeding a room full of folks. “I think Dish has evlolved in a lot of ways to fit our customer’s wishes and desires,” said Pollyanna Forster, who owns the operation with Johansen and Chris Irving. That means people can eat tapas-style all evening long, or they can share a few small plates with the table and then hunker down to their own entree. The wine program is vivacious and fairly priced, but don’t go without a hand-pressed cocktail from the bar.

The French Press can change from breakfast joint to upscale brasserie in mere moments, but it never loses that neighborhood feel. Owner Zak Stone and Chef Juan Anon have conspired to bring extravagant food to their diners, without making it fussy. Beautifully seared fish and deftly roasted meats march out of the kitchen with regularity. And the wine list is a great read. Just across the way, Juniper continues to serve excellent contemporary American cuisine in a lively room. The three owners are always in the room, and the service feels personal at every table. It’s a great place to meet for apps at the bar, though that’s no secret so it might be hard to find a seat. Regardless, the view is so nice out the back that you might just want to spend the whole evening munching.

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