Best Restaurant in Minturn or Red Cliff |

Best Restaurant in Minturn or Red Cliff

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Minturn Country Club

Mango’s Mountain Grill

The Saloon of Minturn

Everyone’s a member of the Minturn Country Club. The party’s always in the kitchen, which is why the kitchen is in the dining room. For decades people have been walking through the front door, ready to grill their own steaks while servers attend to everything else. TJ Ricci recognizes most of the people who show up. “I have people who come back two or three times during a one-week vacation, year after year,” he said. Whether they return for the prime beef or the warm and witty staff is unknown. Eating at the restaurant is like throwing a dinner party, without the dishes.

Mango’s might be tucked away in Red Cliff, but it’s no longer an undiscovered gem. With four stories, two bars and an enormous kitchen, the restaurant is first and foremost a fish taco outpost. The music-friendly vibe is as warm as the food, and the beer is very, very good. The Saloon bar opens early for Minturn Milers, who certainly deserve a killer margarita after a day well lived. In the dining room the feisty waitstaff serves mixed grill platters like hotcakes. The marinated quail packs a lot of flavor in a little package.

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