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Best Rodeo Event

Combining Beaver Creek with a rodeo is enough to make all you Porsche drivin’ podnuhs’ hearts sing, “Yuppie Tie Yo Tie Yay!” At least as good of a spectacle as the rodeo itself, is watching the Hummer honeys in their urban cowgirl clothes make their way into the grandstands, mouths agape as they wonder what makes a human being throw a rope around a future double cheeseburger, when he could just as easily wait until the Monfort brothers are done with it and order it medium rare with a side of fries and a tall cold one. You know you’re at an honest-to-Stetson rodeo when some cowboy ambles over to you and says, “Howdy dahlin’! How’d y’all like to go for a ride with me and my dawg. Ah jest had my truck washed!” Beaver Creek: Where the West is weird.

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