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Candi Johns Salon

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If you have time to eat a bag of peanuts, you have enough time to get a whole new look on top of your head. Candi Johns, of Candi Johns Salon, is the fastest stylist in the west. Cuts, colors, tanning, waxing ” nothing fazes the sassy blond. She’s been taming tresses for 17 years, and she doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon. “I love it,” she said. “I enjoy working with people and making htem happy. If your hair looks good you feel good.” People are looking for lots of layers these days, and the side bang is still in. There are also a couple different versions of the bob. Posh Spice and Katie Holmes photos have been sending women to the salon in droves, magazine photo in hand. Johns recently hired a manicurist who also gives eyelash extensions. “They blend with your eyelashes really well, with a glue that stays on for 6 to 8 weeks.” Stop by the Vail salon, on the Frontage Road next to the old Blockbuster shop, to check those peeper extensions out.

Salon Axis in Edwards is as green as it gets. An Aveda salon, the products the staff uses are natural and sustainable. Commanding the best view of any room in the county (the Eagle River rushes right on by), it’s the stylists’ talent that makes the salon shine as bright as any healthy head of hair. From going blond to covering those pesky grays, your hair won’t get fried. The owner of Salon Nouveau is a big fan of her staff, touting their penchant for loving life and being happy. And since nobody can be happy unless they’re having a good hair day, it’s clear they’re good at their jobs. The Eagle-Vail salon staff can take care of hair and nails

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