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Best Saltwater Cuisine

EAT Montauk 1 KA 7-23-07

Montauk Seafood Grill

Billy’s Island Grill

Sapphire Restaurant and Oyster Bar

The world is their oyster. The chefs at Lionshead’s Montauk have access to anything that swims, scuttles or darts through waters fresh or salty. Whether it’s moonfish from Hawaii or salmon from Alaska, owners Dimitri Souvorin and Tom Ludwig have connections. In addition to a strong core of entrees, they offer daily specials of 10 to 15 fish served with the sauce and sides of your choice. The wine list has some real steals, too.

Billy’s Island Grill is everything an island fish and steakhouse should be: friendly, busy and fun. From fish tacos at the bar to king crab in the dining room, there’s plenty of fish to go around. And don’t be afraid of pairing something with a margarita, which runs strong and feisty. There are plenty of fish dishes on the menu at Sapphire, from striped bass to trout. But the real star of the seafood show is the oyster selection. Owners Susan and Joel Fritz can wax poetic about whichever little bivalve is in season, while chef Peter Millette is more likely to simply pop one in his mouth. The selection changes daily.

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