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EAT Smiling Moose 2 DT 6-20-07

Smiling Moose

Lift Cafe

Avon Bakery and Deli

There’s a new deli spreading throughout Colorado like wildfire: Smiling Moose. Started my a couple of local mountain boys, the deli chain started in Edwards, Colorado. Fun sandwiches, warming soups and roll-over-and-surrender cookies are served with alacrity and smiles. As for sammys, the hands-down most popular one is the Mighty Mo, made with ground beef and cheese, and topped with all kinds of fresh veggies. The soft bun makes the whole shebang unforgettable. “The Mighty Mo is king of the hill,” said Kevin Sloane, co-owner. Not only that, it’s a contender for Best Sandwich in the U.S., a title bestowed by Datline NBC and The Today Show. Don’t pass up the soups, which are bestsellers in the winter months. Sloane’s Grandma Kitty helps with some of the recipes, and she’s a woman who likes a little zing.

Lift Cafe in Minturn is a fun cafe with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. The gathering place-coffee house serves a host of creations, including vegetarian options (feta and spinach) and standard deli fare. The room is comfortable and holds plenty, so feel free to linger. Avon Bakery and Deli has what passes for a bread monopoly in town. It’s just so darn good, and there are so many types. Their success as a sandwich shop is easily defined: freshly baked bread, house-sliced meats and cheeses, more-than-generous toppings, inventive ingredients. What more could a lunch-eater want?

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