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Best Seriously Spicy Food

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May Palace

Chili Willy’s

Fiesta Jalisco

If you can’t take the heat, stay away from five stars. At West Vail’s May Palace anything and everything can be made spicy, but it’s no wishy-washy heat. We’re talking serious cry-for-mercy zing, folks. “Most of the cooks like the spicy food,” explained Rick Woo, owner. “We go from one to five stars, and the five stars is really, really spicy.” There’s also a depth to the heat, which often comes from the special chile oil they make in-house. It’s a multi-step process that includes soaking Chinese red peppers, grinding them into a paste and boiling that in oil with other spices. There are also fresh chiles, Vietnamese garlic-chile sauce and hot chile bean paste in the kitchen. So when you ask your server to “heat it up,” be ready.

Anything and everything can have jalapenos at the high-altitude Tex Mex paradise known as Chili Willy’s. Owner Al Brown likes his margaritas, and he wants to share them. Everybody knows margaritas help manage the burn, so keep the pitchers of margs and the whipping hot salsa coming. Down the hill at Fiesta Jalisco, spicy food is par for the course. From the first bite of the standard salsa, which gives a zing to gringos, it’s evident the kitchen staff puts head and love into the food.

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