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Best Signature Drink

Terra Bistro


Billy’s Island Grill

Terra Bistro took it away for best signature drink, but voters didn’t always agree on what that signature drink was. Some voted for the Terratini, a ginger-infused gin drink that provides zip and zing. Others tossed the cocktail menu completely out and embraced the wine list. “The wine list is multi-dimensional, with wines from all over the world,” said Charlie Kimbrough, beverage manager. “We touch on every wine-producing area of the world.” Pinot noir is his hot seller, because it goes so well with the food. But he’s particularly excited about the syrah from Columbia Valley.

Located on the snow, Mezzaluna’s a given for apres. Wander into the Lionshead restaurant and try a Mazza Mai Tai, made with Bacardi and Malibu rums, 7 Up, pineapple juice, orange juice and a little smidge or blue curacao. Aloha. At Billy’s Island Grill, you can sweeten up the owner by ordering his Billy’s Boat Drink. Bacardi Light, Meyers, Mount Gay, Pina, orange juice and cranberry juice band together and take no prisoners.

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