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Best Ski Lunch

Preston UtleyThe Tap Room at the top of Bridge Street is tucked upstairs, but has some killer deals for those who seek it out.

The Tap Room

Moe’s Original BBQ


The best deal ” and until now a well-kept secret ” is lunch at The Tap Room, at the top of Bridge Street. The friendly staff serves the kind of upscale pub fare the restaurant/bar is known for. “Obviously the locals know the deal when they come into town,” said Steve Kaufman, one of the owners. “We serve great food at a very affordable price. Sometimes tourists miss us because they have to walk upstairs to find the place.” The daily $6.95 special varies, but the chicken fried steak with macaroni and cheese is a top seller. Eat a plate of that between laps on the Vista Bahn, and you’ll have fuel for a day.

It’s a great paradox: Some of the food that takes the longest to cook makes for a fast lunch. At Moe’s in Lionshead, the pulled pork, ribs and smoked chicken lunch platters are easy to order, and easy to finish off, too. By the time you’ve paid, found a table and poured your drink (sweet tea if you’re in the know), your order’s just about ready. Those who don’t want to leave the hill don’t have to. MidVail can seat hundreds of skiers, and the cafeteria-style restaurant is geared for large groups and fast turn-around. Soups and pastas top the list of popular items.

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