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Best Spot for a Pick-Me-Up

Jessa BuchalterStarbucks gives a jolt.


The French Press

Loaded Joe’s

When he spirits begin to flag, Starbucks is a quick fix. The intense caffeine jolt is dispensed with alacrity. At the Avon shop, the white mocha is a best seller. made with espresso, steamed milk and a shot of white chocolate syrup, why not go for whipped cream on top? Other favorites include the strawberries-and-cream frappuccino and a skinny cinnamon dolce latte.

At The French Press, it’s impossible to escape good coffee. In the mornings, the grab-and-go coffee bar includes brewed coffee from Montanan Coffee Traders and the espresso drinks are courtesy of Vail Mountain Coffee Roasters. But sometimes it’s vino that can put the life back in your party, and a glass of the French Press pinot (serendipitously named after the restaurant unintentionally) is a good bet. “For being a Bordeaux, there’s a nice bit of fruit in it,” said Zak Stone, owner. At Avon’s Loaded Joe’s, lattes rule the show. Whether it’s made with regular milk, nonfat milk or includes a shot of vanilla, the latte is king. But after hours the Loaded Joe espresso martini is a winner. Made from Van Gogh espresso vodka, a splash of Godiva dark chocolate liqueur and a shot of espresso, the secret is the house-made vanilla whipped cream that is added right before shaking. “We can legally sell it anytime after 7 a.m.,” said Brandt Olsen, bartender.

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