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Best Spuds

EAT Minturn CC TS 10-12-07 002

Minturn Country Club



French, au gratin, mashed, hashed ” oh the things that can be done to a potato. At the Minturn Country Club they take it one step further: ice cream. That’s right, the Minturn Tater isn’t a potato at all; it’s dessert. Scooped from ice cream and dusted with cocoa powder to make it look like a baked potato, it comes loaded ” whipped cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce and spoons for the whole table.

The fries at Larkburger are practically a religion among their fans. Hand cut from a precise potato chosen for its starch content, they’re first poached in oil to make the inside creamy, then fried to make the outside crisp. If that’s not decadent enough, add truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Can you say naughty? At Russell’s, the steaks are the main event. But that might be because of the creamy au gratin potatoes that are a ride-along. Cooked low and slow, the practically ooze when you eat them.

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