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A night at Sato in Edwards is as much about the experience as it is about the food. “People come back for the good food, good service and fun atmosphere,” said manager Carolyn Stratton. Specialties include a spicy tuna sashimi salad, beef stir-fry and the Hawaii 5-0 roll, which is made with yellowtail, asparagus and macadamia nuts. “The sushi has an American twist on it. We add things like asparagus and try to make the rolls fun.”

Osaki’s may be the smallest sushi bar in Vail, but it’s got some pretty big flavors. The chefs serve all kinds of sushi, from Kobe beef to tuna. Specialty sashimi plates include a spicy sauce, and go well with an ice cold cup of sake. At Masato’s in Avon, more often than not chef-owner Masato Okamoto is standing behind the bar. You might have to sweet talk him out of some of his belly ” salmon belly, yellowtail belly, tuna belly ” but if he gives it up you’re in for a dreamy treat. Otherwise try, well, everything.

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