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Best Veggie-Friendly Restaurant

Terra Bistro



You don’t have to be decadent to enjoy a meal at Terra Bistro. In fact, spend a dinner (or a breakfast) at the Vail restaurant and you just might leave feeling smug. There are no hidden ingredients to fake you out ” just lovely, organic products that are coaxed into savories and sweets. Chef-owner Kevin Nelson has always embraced natural, organic food. Pescitarians will be in a dither, deciding which fish to indulge in, while strict veggies can fill up with pasta and golden beets, or create their own veggie platters.

Nothing says vegetarian quite like cheese. At the Edwards cheese-and-wine bar, grazing through the selections is an invigorating experience. Despite Pollyanna Forster’s penchant for indulging in anything authentically tasty, she’s also quite conscious of people’s dietary restrictions. So gluten-free and wheat-free products are available, in addition to goat, sheep and cow’s milk cheeses. Around the corner at Freshies Organic Market, if it’s not organic you won’t find it. Big fans of a more eco-friendly way of eating, you won’t miss the meat in the vegetarian creations. (They also have organic meats.) Dive into one of Delling Zing’s famous soups, and combat the winter chill.

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