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Troy ConeDrink! carries small-batch wines from around the world.


Avon Liquors

Grappa Fine Wines and Spirits

At Drink! in Edwards, vino is downright common. “We like to encourage people to enjoy wine on a daily basis rather than as a special occasion,” said Pollyanna Forster, who owns the shop with Chris Irving. That means the majority of the selections are under $20, which seems to be a good comfort level for local imbibers. Forster has a knack for bringing in under-the-radar vintages, and seems to find it personally gratifying to offer a $10 bottle that tastes like a $50 one. In addition to the knowledgable staff, the shop itself is attractive and concise. “People who come into Drink! get very excited about the learning experience.” Well appointed graphics give insider info on the grapes and wines, while occasional placards speak to the personal experience employees have had with particular bottles.

Avon Liquors will make you lazy for sure. Wander in, describe the dinner you’re about to cook, and someone will lead you right to the bottle you should serve. It’s such a good system there’s really no need to worry about pairings ever again. “We have friendly, great customer service and a truly superior knowledge of wines and the world of wines,” said Kevin Lawrence, wine buyer at the store. “Our selection is unsurpassed in the valley.” Pinot noir is the shop’s best seller. Grappa Fine Wines and Spirits is the epitome of the shop around the corner. Located steps off Meadow Drive, they keep famous hours: 10 a.m. until MIDNIGHT. That’s just the thing for those in need of a little something after dinner. “Grappa’s selection is all over the map because our customers are all over the map,” said Jonathan Staufer, store manager. “The best fun we have is finding the values that are $20 and under. Those are things that we can all afford.” He and his Krew (to whom he owes much, he said) have a great European selection, and check out the California wines, too.

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