Beth Bowlen looks to take over as Denver Broncos’ controlling owner |

Beth Bowlen looks to take over as Denver Broncos’ controlling owner

photo - Beth Bowlen
Steering committee chair Beth Bowlen Wallace, left, with Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak and Alzeheimer's Association president Linda Mitchell.
Photo provided by the Alzheimer’s Association

Beth Bowlen, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s second-oldest child, has told the team’s leadership and the NFL that she is looking to become Denver’s controlling owner, according to The Athletic.

The Pat Bowlen Trust sent a statement to The Athletic in response: “Beth Bowlen Wallace is not the only Bowlen child who is expressing interest in becoming controlling owner. The trustees have informed Beth of their determination that she is not capable or qualified at this time.”

In July 2014, Pat Bowlen relinquished control of the team and acknowledged he was dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. He established a trust years before to eventually transfer equal ownership to his seven children, but only one would be the sole voice for the team at league meetings and have the title of controlling owner.

Read the full article from The Denver Post.

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