Better priorities for the nation |

Better priorities for the nation

Todd Rymer
Vail, CO, Colorado

In his address to Congress last week, President Obama promised to stop funding wasteful Cold War weapons systems and invest in domestic priorities like healthcare, education and green jobs.

One project reported to be on the chopping block is the F-22, a bomber that costs $143 million apiece, has no utility in the Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts. Even the secretary of defense says he doesn’t need any more of them!

For a fraction of what we spend on this Pentagon pork, we could be providing health care, giving our kids the education they need, or putting our neighbors back to work.

While our military fights insurgents armed with makeshift bombs, the vast majority of our military budget goes for yet more high-tech submarines, space weapons and fighter jets with no enemy to face. These weapons programs continue to increase our massive federal deficit and exist only because they make huge profits for Pentagon contractors.

Please encourage your representatives to reduce the deficit by cutting wasteful military spending.

Todd Rymer


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