Between nature and light |

Between nature and light

Daily Staff Report
AE Lynn Janson-Will PU 7-12

Name: Lin Janson-WillMedium: OilHow long have you lived in the valley: 17 yearsDate and time of show: Friday

Location of show: Harry’s Bump & Grind, 291 Main St., MinturnName of show: “Enlightened Moments” – The Luminist landscapes of Lin Janson-Will 1. What does art mean to you? For me, art is the portrayal of the ethereal beauty of nature and light.

2. When did you know you wanted to become an artist?As a small child on thrice-weekly visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my nanny, I was entranced with the magical places portrayed by the great landscape painters, especially the Hudson River School. I dreamed of being able to paint … but never had time to try until 2000.

3. What inspires you to create? What sort of mood do you have to be in?Nature is my inspiration … every awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset, every great storm, every sunlit vista inspires me to paint.4. Why did you choose the medium that you work with, or did it choose you?I work in oil because my idols worked in oil, and because the medium allows me to add layer after layer of transparent color to create a depth and luminosity not possible with other mediums.

5. Describe your style?My style is Luminism (painting on a white canvas rather than a colored one in today’s fashion, allowing the light to come through) – beyond that I allow my viewer to name it.

6. If you could meet any artist (alive or dead) who would it be? What would you want to talk about?I would love to meet Albert Bierstadt, and just listen while he spoke of his evolution into the great painter he was.7. Do you own a favorite piece of art? If so, describe it and tell us why you bought it?I own a Jane Tate, which she traded to me for one of the paintings in my “Etherean Journey” series – I fell in love with its totally original style and mystic beauty.

8. Where do you sell your art? At the moment I only show at Harry’s and one gallery in Florida – I find keeping up with my collectors demand enough, and prefer the freedom of painting what I wish when I wish.Vail, Colorado

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