Beware the GOP’s flying monkeys |

Beware the GOP’s flying monkeys

Alex Miller
President Bush gestures during a fundraiser for the reelection campaign of Sen Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006 in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

You’ve got to hand it to this Administration: They’re damn good at rallying the faithful to spread the message du jour. (Oh, ‘scuse me for using the cursed French! We’re supposed to hate those bastards, right?)

Like the flying monkeys in the “Wizard of Oz,” the GOP faithful take their cues from the top and fan out clutching the latest talking points. Like the Wicked Witch’s hench-chimps, the goal is to spread fear ” but mostly what they instill nowadays is loathing. This technique is particularly apparent during election season, when, once again, the flying monkeys must parrot the notion that “staying the course” in Iraq is a swell idea no matter what.

Twenty-six hundred dead? Pish-posh they say; that’s nothing compared to Vietnam or World War II. Wonder if defense attorneys could use such a defense in a murder trial: “Your honor, he could’ve killed a lot more people! Therefore, he’s innocent!”

It’s not often anymore that I’m surprised by anything people like Donald Rumsfeld have to say, but I almost choked on my Cheerios the other morning when I read that he was comparing those who would dare criticize the prosecution of the so-called “war on terror” with the Chamberlain-era Brits who let Hitler march to power.

Huh? So, now we’re supposed to just shut up and not say a word or else be branded as terrorist sympathizers? God, what an awful message to be disseminated in this country by those who are supposed to be among the top guardians of American freedom. Guess that’s a silly thing to believe nowadays, though, huh? That our government would give a hoot about the First Amendment, a free press and the right to disagree with our elected officials.

And then came W. Setting aside, for now, his earlier use of the term “Islamic fascists,” he took dissenters to task on a visit to Utah. Those of us who think the Iraq fiasco is a grievous departure from what we should be doing to combat terror “cannot be more wrong,” the Boy King told the chipper, red-state crowd. He then went on to explain this logic by speaking of the terrorists twisting Iraq into a cocked hat – neglecting, of course, to acknowledge that there weren’t any terrorists to speak of in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion.

Are people still believing this crap? It’s amazing to me this guy can still find an audience. I think he should be impeached and imprisoned, and I’m far from alone. Yet rubes in Utah and other red-state bastions will still line up to listen to this rubbish while our young men and women – and countless Iraqis – continue to die in a war as pointless as clearing brush on a fake ranch.

It’s time to throw water on W. and his cadre of wicked warlocks, recall the flying monkeys and return to some semblance of reason. For starters, let’s get the hell out of Iraq and stop throwing gasoline on that fire with our presence. After that, let’s talk about restoring some dignity to a country that’s been dragged through the mud by a clueless boob who should be cooling his heels in jail, not leading this great (or at least formerly great) nation.

Next up, give the Dems at least one house of Congress this November. That’s a punishment this wacky administration richly, richly deserves.

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