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‘Bias-motivated’ felony charge filed in Summit incident

Robert Allen
Summit County, CO Colorado
Summit Daily NewsDustin Meadows

SUMMIT COVE – A white man Saturday was arrested and charged with a bias-motivated felony after a black woman was dragged out of a bar by her hair, according to a report from Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses and the victim identified Dustin Meadows, 37, as the man in a business suit who began arguing with the woman at the Cala Inn in Summit Cove, according to the report.

Witnesses reported Meadows used a racial epithet – among other obscenities – shortly after the argument began.

The suspect was standing near the door, calling the victim names when she got out of her chair and yelled at him to leave. The man then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out the bar’s door, according to the victim in the report.

The victim was “visibly shaken” when deputies arrived.

“(The victim) had both of her hands full of her hair, and it was apparent that the whole right side of her head was missing hair,” according to the report.

Fifth Judicial District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said five charges – including a felony bias-motivated crime for assault and four misdemeanors regarding harassment and assault – were filed Wednesday against Meadows.

Meadows was released from Summit County Jail on Sunday on a $2,500 bond, according to SCSO.

Saturday night’s argument began after Meadows allegedly spilled his beer on the victim while he was dancing. She turned and said to him, “What, no apology?” – according to the report.

Meadows allegedly began cursing at her and other bar patrons pulled him away. Two women with the man apologized for his behavior. After the victim’s hair was ripped out, the suspect left the scene, according to the report.

Two witnesses followed the suspect to a unit at the Lakeside Condominiums and later brought deputies there. The man who answered the door, Eric Brown, was also arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer after refusing to cooperate with the deputies, according to the report.

Meadows was found with a bloody nose and a bloodstain on his shirt. Asked what happened at the bar, he reportedly replied: “A female said some rude stuff to me so he got involved with her.”

Deputies asked what he meant, but he declined to elaborate. In addition to assault, Meadows is charged with knowingly placing the victim in fear of serious bodily injury.

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