Bidding still open for Minturn parcel |

Bidding still open for Minturn parcel

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Bidding remains open for a U.S. Forest Service parcel in Minturn.

That parcel, known as the “Boneyard,” has long been eyed as park and open space land for Minturn. Last year, the town got a commitment from the Eagle County commissioners to put up 90 percent of the sale price of the property using county open space funds.

The parcel in December was put up for auction by the U.S. General Services Administration, and the county submitted a bid of $1.25 million.

A second, unknown, bidder appeared Jan. 10. Since then, the price has gone up to $1.68 million, with the county currently holding the high bid.

While the auction officially closed Jan. 15, government auctions remain open until there’s been no bidding activity for 24 hours.

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The most recent bids were submitted Wednesday.

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