Big Box a big deal |

Big Box a big deal

Randy Wyrick and a Cast of Several

– Is it just us, or does it seem an unusual coincidence to anyone else that there’s a lunar eclipse tonight. A big box store opens and the lights go out all over town.

– It’s one of many places in this area that accommodates people who are so unhandy that they have to hire someone to come to their homes to help them unwrap soap.

– One of our buddies happily admits he’s totally mechanically impaired, but he’s happy about the Avon store because he owns stock in the company.

Movin’ right along.

Brilliance among us

Luke Moore of Vail is a proud graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. He earned a B.A. degree in psychology, which qualifies him to tell us what’s wrong with us – an exercise that should get him well started on his masters.

True love rules

Our spies, who are everywhere, tell us that the Vail Mountain wedding deck is reserved for June 7, reportedly for Ryan and Trista. We also learned that, this fall, ABC is airing a two hour special showing their wedding. The Powers That Be at ABC reasoned that they courted on television and they should be married on television.

And once more, let’s send our heartiest congratulations to Brian Keiser and Rebekah Overlease, who are getting married Saturday at Eagle Baptist Church. These are two fine people who love God and love each other, in that order. Something that right can’t go wrong.

Let’s Get Ready To Rummage

– The local Masonic Lodge in Eagle is back with the Great Masonic Garage Sale. It’s huge, and it’s May 17. They’ll have clowns, fire trucks, McGruff the Crime Dog, and other cool stuff, along with tons and tons of garage sale stuff you just can’t live without. They’ll pick up your stuff for free. The Masonic Lodge is at the corner of Third and Capital in Eagle. Call 524-7584.

– And while you’re in Eagle, run by the Habitat for Humanity Garage Sale. It has all the stuff the Masons don’t, including building materials and supplies, and all the stuff you wish you had. Go to Eagle and follow the signs. It’s 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

– The Eagle Valley Community Fund and Auction is looking for volunteers. Join Vi Brown in helping to sort and mark all the rooms filled with goods that have been donated since last summer’s sale. This is a chance for volunteers from the 60 plus local non-profit groups to get a jump on hours that translate into dollars for their organizations after the sale. Donations of clean, useable items in good condition, will also be taken during work hours.

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