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Big box stain

Biff Samoa

For once, I wish that developers would simply confess what they’re actually doing: “We’re building ugly, big, box stores, raping the landscape, destroying the social fabric of the community, undermining locally owned businesses and making a huge pile of dough for our own selves.”

“It’s not really a shopping center,” Post said, even though the project includes a massive 650,000 square feet of retail space.

“The Village doesn’t really have a mall area,” he said, apparently referring to something besides the architecturally stunning concrete mega-stores and the 3.5 acres of shops and restaurants next to Wal-Mart and another two acres of stores on McGrady Acres.

Finally, he said: “Everyone keeps thinking they’ll see an urban sprawl of strip centers, like in Silverthorne.”

Well, here’s some news for Mr. Post and all the other forked-tongue developers: Silverthorne doesn’t have strip centers (yet); for better or worse, the town hasn’t been nearly so organized in its planning as to consolidate its commercial enterprises.

Avon, however, now will have a full-fledged automobile-oriented strip mall, thanks in large order to Mr. Post, although I’m sure he’d tell it differently.

Biff Samoa


You cowards

This is in response to both “The System and Put Out” Tipsline items: People like you are the reason that there is so much racism everywhere.-You are not targeting immigrants in general, just the Hispanic community.- To judge someone based on color, race or religion is discrimination.-

To start off, try putting your names, you gutless cowards, if you believe so much in what you are saying. Everyone who shops and works pays taxes, for your information. People who live here illegally don’t get to file a tax return because they can’t. If you think of how many illegal immigrants are in this country, that comes out to be a pretty big sum that the government gets to keep and distribute.-

As for those people that can’t pay their hospital bills is because they really can’t. The people who have those nice trucks are the ones that come here to work for awhile, be it three months or a year.-

You don’t know how these people live, so don’t write on what you don’t know anything about.-Do a little research before you go running your mouth.-

I’m sorry that people have turned on the Hispanic community just because of the fact that they don’t know English. Some of them, believe it or not, do try to learn English, but it’s not easy.-Why don’t you try learning Spanish – just to give you an idea that you don’t learn a new language from one day to the next.-

As for the person who wrote about shipping immigrants back to where they came from, why don’t you get off your — and go look for a job? If you really wanted to work, you would actually apply for any job, be it a dishwasher or housemen. There are plenty of jobs out there. It’s just up to you to go look for them.-

If all of the immigrants were actually shipped back, this country would actually go downward. Your tax dollars are being put to good use. Think of all the people they help, be it an immigrant or a native of the United States.

If you think about it, the government blows most of the Americans’ tax dollars on mindless projects, not that all of them are a waste of time, of course.-

However how do you know if your money if going to help pay an immigrant’s hospital bill or for a new million dollar missile, which we already have plenty of. That’s just it; you don’t know. So don’t run your mouth and if you do, print your name.

Fabio Acosta


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