Big night for school board |

Big night for school board

Don Rogers

You should check out the school board meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday if you have an interest in where your child goes to class in a couple of years.Yes, it’s a meeting, snooze. But the board members have to make some difficult decisions this spring. Maybe that will happen tonight.Will they make the tough call to close Meadow Mountain Elementary to make room for yet another addition to Battle Mountain High School?Will they decide to ask the voters to approve a tax increase so they can borrow enough to build a modern high school near the new Colorado Mountain College campus in Edwards? Doing so would lead to the Battle-Meadow Mountain campus serving children from kindergarten to eighth grade, most likely.Given Eagle County’s real and projected growth, it’s a given a new high school will need to be built at some point. But when? Battle Mountain has grown addition by addition into a bit of a maze. Converting Meadow Mountain classrooms into space at all suitable for high-schoolers will take work and expense, of course. The resulting facility would be far from the ideal for students.But is the community ready to fund a new high school now through an uptick in property taxes? Some bonds have been paid off and the tax load would not be much more than the light levy property owners pay now.Meantime, some schools are crowded enough now that the board will need to change attendance boundaries, particularly between Edwards and Avon elementaries. And Minturn Middle has the opposite problem, running at below half capacity.The district has a mix of schools that doesn’t quite fit with today’s population. It makes educational sense to build that new high school. The economics, though, that’s the question. Maybe you can help with this one.

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