Big omissions |

Big omissions

Thomas Hohn

First, Mr. Carnes failed to mention that well before the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. government was warned by several European intelligence agencies, and Israel, concerning the imminent attacks.

Nothing was done. This warrants an investigation. And Cheney’s attempts to block any investigation only heightens the need, as he used the same tactics to block any investigation into his relationship with Enron in forming the government’s energy policy. Furthermore, this administration’s behavior in the face of the call for an investigation is suspect.

Mr. Carnes also failed to mention that the Bush administration intends to sell the photos taken of Bush on Sept. 11 in order to raise money to help fund candidates in the upcoming November elections as Republican seats are threatened.

As an editorialist, Mr. Carnes has an obligation to report all the facts, not to manipulate them.

Thomas Hohn


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