Big stories from small skiers |

Big stories from small skiers

Daily Staff Report

1. After a long first day on the mountain, my group of kids came to the top of Golden Peak, where we could look down and see the town of Vail. One of the girls in the group exclaimed, “Wow, we’ve skied all the way to a different country.”2. During the Christmas holidays, a little girl got up close to my ear and said, “I got on Santa’s bad list. He had me on the nice list but I was really naughty!” She repeated this several times to me. I said to her, “Well, I might have to call Santa and tell him because I know his phone number.” She replied, “So does my Mommy!”3. Upon skiing up to a group of students, one child observed my uniform and asked me, “Are you the principal?”- Patricia Wall, VailIck on a stick: An adventure storyTwo first-year instructors from Argentina were teaching a small class of 5-year-old to 7-year old children. Out of the blue, a 6-year-old boy announced he had to go to the bathroom. Now.Since they didn’t have time to return to Kids’ World at the base, they sent him into the outhouse at the top of the Peachtree lift. After about five minutes, the boy came out without his helmet.The instructor asked the boy, “What happened to your helmet?” Tears streaming down his cheeks, the boy confessed that he had dropped it down the outhouse.The instructor scolded the boy for being so careless with other people’s belongings and told him to run along and join the rest of his group. With no other recourse, the instructors decided to keep to their scheduled snack break and find a replacement for the helmet, later.Shortly before the end of their break, the little boy walked up with a huge smile across his face. The “rescued” helmet was dangling from the end of his ski pole.It was unanimously decided that we would no longer rent that particular helmet.- Ellen Osterling, Crested Butte

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