Bigger issues than this partisan sniping |

Bigger issues than this partisan sniping

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

I believe that we are wasting our energy worrying about what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it, and which Republicans have openly apologized to Rush Limbaugh and why they did it.

And what’s the latest “scoop” regarding Bristol Palin?

I mean, we really do have serious problems!

Like, will we really improve the education of our young people by looking for better teachers and repairing facilities and reducing class sizes or do we have a more basic motivational problem?

Like what do we do about the fact that only 70 percent of minority children graduate from high school while those same minorities will soon become more than 50 percent of our population?

Like what do we do about the fact that we send more than $700 billion out of the country every year as we pay the interest on our national debt and purchase far more goods and services than we sell?

Like what do we do about a two-party political system that foments nothing but animosity?

Like what are the potential “real world” solutions that would make health care really affordable and what are the potential modifications that will assure the long-term viability of our social security program?

Like should some, or all of us, pay higher taxes so that less debt is passed on to our children?

What I’m trying to say is, let’s take the time to understand the important issues. Then let’s demand that the media and the politicians concentrate on those issues too. All of the other stuff is garbage!

David Le Vine


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