Bigger skatepark is better |

Bigger skatepark is better

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO Colorado

Pending plans to expand the skatepark at Freedom Park in Edwards would benefit not only the children and young adults who enjoy skating there, but our entire community.

Edwards resident Rick Cook spearheaded the idea and never gave up. He was able to gather support from various community groups and local governments, including money commitments to help cover the $200,000 price tag on the project.

The expansion means skaters, mostly children and teenagers, will have a safe place to gather and skate. It will hopefully mean that temptations to turn local parking lots, streets, sidewalks and driveways into temporary skating havens will be less appealing, thus making skating safer for non-skaters as well. The park makes for safer streets and roads for drivers who can focus on the road, not on the kid doing a “boneless frontside 180” off the roof of a nearby car.

The expansion means more room for fellow skaters to exchange pointers and hopefully have some friendly competitions. It’s a social place for our community’s children to meet and play, and it may even draw in a decent spectator crowd as well.

The groups and municipalities who have stepped in to help should be commended for supporting the children in this community who will have the opportunity to skate safely among their peers. These groups, which include Eagle County, the Western Eagle County Recreation District, several Edwards metro districts and the Rotary Club, recognized the need and stepped up. It reminds us that public-private partnerships can happen in our community at any level, and that these partnerships don’t have to come together to turn profits for one side or another.

The expanded park, which could be complete by next June if the county approves the plans Tuesday, shows kids in this valley that we care about them and want them to have some fun.

It also helps to know that parents can worry a little bit less about their kids when they dart out the front door with a skateboard in hand.

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