Bike shop owner is ‘Commuter of the Year’ |

Bike shop owner is ‘Commuter of the Year’

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EAGLE COUNTY – In January of 1995, after a skiing accident in which Jeff Mohrman broke both legs in several places, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to ride his bike again.But as an avid cyclist and owner of Colorado Bike Service, he got back in the saddle three months later, and has chosen the bicycle over the automobile as his primary means of transportation ever since.

“I bent and broke a few screws that were holding everything together at first,” Mohrman said. “You can still see them in the X-rays.”Mohrman commutes on his bicycle six days a week regardless of wind, rain, sleet, or snow, he said. He is the 2006 recipient of the Eco-Trails Commuter of the Year Award. “I love to be on the bike, it’s a great way to stay active and enjoy our environment while going to work,” Mohrman said. “I’ve been doing it so long that the idea of climbing in a car doesn’t make any sense, especially with the price of gas. It’s more work driving a car, and the bike just feels more natural.”Mohrman rides his bike on his 8-mile commute as well as for running errands and other trips. He logs 2,500 miles per year. By cycling instead driving of a car that gets 20 miles per gallon, Mohrman saves around $1,000 per year as well as preventing 2,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere, he said.

“Being cold is not an issue, I’m always plenty warm even on the cold winter mornings, but being safe is,” he said. Mohrman is a bicycle safety advocate, and said he follows rules of the road. He has front and rear bicycle lights, reflective materials on his clothes, and always wears a helmet. He keeps his bicycle maintained and in the winter uses studded bicycle tires.”Cyclists need to know the rules of the road and respect them. They need to stop at stop signs and lights just like everyone else,” he said. “Also, motorists should respect cyclists on the road and realize they have a right to be there.”Recently while going on vacation, Mohrman experienced a little difficulty driving a car. He realized it had been over six months since he had last drove, and he was a little rusty, he said.

Mohrman has seen more people riding their bikes to work. “Just get out there and do it, just ride as part of your daily routine,” he said. “We live in a pristine valley and should take extra effort to keep it that way. Just keep it simple and enjoy it.”The Commuter of the Year Award this year includes a free entry into the Colorado Eagle River Ride on July 23, tickets for two to any summer event at the Vilar Center, dinner for two at the Beaver Creek Restaurant of his choice, and Eco-Trails memorabilia. Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado

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