Biker safety crucial in Vail Valley |

Biker safety crucial in Vail Valley

Tim Olson
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’d like to start off by saying that I am an avid biker, both on the mountain and on the pavement. With that being said, when I am driving my car I feel very concerned by the manner in which some bikers ride.

It is somewhat disturbing that many bikers do not use the bike paths that are available and ride to the left of the white line inside the traffic lane. Vehicles and bikers have equal responsibility to keep everyone safe on and off the road, and it seems this point is often overlooked.

In addition, a significant percentage of gas costs go directly to road maintenance, which of course is only paid for by gas-powered vehicles.

Many bikers seem to think that they own the road and vehicles should yield to them because they are smaller and more vulnerable.

In my opinion, it is a simple matter of respect and common sense to respect all others on the road equally, regardless of what they are riding or driving.

Tim Olson


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