Biking smarts |

Biking smarts

It seems like the Vail Valley was made for bike riding, whether you’re looking for spinning through mud on a remote single track or cruising down a country road.

Rides vary in time, distance and difficulty, so pick one that will accommodate your schedule, from a lunchtime ride to an all-day excursion.

Just don’t forget about the hills. A 5-mile cruise downhill could feel like 10 miles coming back uphill. Elevation gain, altitude, terrain and weather can all make the trip even tougher.

If you’re out for a spin in Vail, take the altitude seriously. The thin air can severely limit a person’s ability to climb even the smallest of steady grades. Oxygen demand to the legs can hinder even the strongest riders.

Keep your bike well tuned

Don’t ride alone

Carry a map

Carry a repair kit

Take lots of water (a quart per hour is ideal)

Bring snack food

Take a rain jacket

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