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Bill Efting

David O. Williams

Avon Town Manager Bill Efting, 49, has seen it all in his six years on the job: roundabouts, big box stores (Home Depot and Super Wal-Mart), the great gondola debate and an all-pervasive stench from a nearby waste water treatment facility that’s an ongoing source of citizen complaints.But Efting, who has three grown kids and hails originally from Pierre, S.D., has managed to keep his sense of humor throughout it all. On Nov. 26, he’s handing over the helm of Avon and moving on to become town manager of South Padre Island, Texas, Dec. 5.Efting, who landed in Avon after a stint in Aspen, is now making the transition from ski resort to beach resort, from snowboards to boogie boards. Here are his parting shots at the Vail Valley:Q: If Mayor Judy Yoder gets a bust of herself in one of the roundabouts, what do you get?A: What every ex-manager dreams of, a plaque above the urinal.Q: South Padre is sometimes called the Redneck Riviera. Do you know if it has any odor problems?A: None. Hopefully Dennis Gelvin and Bob Trueblood (of Eagle River Water and Sanitation) don’t have any relatives in the area.Q: Will you be bringing big box stores to South Padre?A: The only boxes I will be bringing will be in the trunk of my car.Q: Roundabouts?A: Ah yes, roundabouts. I believe that roundabouts will be in my future.Q: Does South Padre need a gondola to connect it to the mainland?A: Instead of a vehicle allowance, I have one for a jet ski.Q: You’ve been quoted as saying you’re trading in your skis for a Speedo. Why not a windsurfer?A: (Vail Town Manager) Bob McLaurin told me that I could get hurt windsurfing; that just wouldn’t be right.Q: Windsurfing was all the rage on South Padre in the ’80s, but it’s on the decline. Sound familiar? What can be done to save the dying sport of windsurfing?A: I am told that it is still the rage down there.Q: Does Swedish shipping magnate and Village at Avon developer Magnus Lindholm keep any of his boats docked at Padre? If so, does he need an off-ramp to get to them?A: No off-ramp, just high tide baby.Q: OK, enough of the serious questions. Do you think McLaurin is alifer, or will he be managing Hilton Head in a couple of years?A: Bob is a potential lifer. After I give him some elevated shoes as a going away gift, he could stay forever.Q: All right, seriously. What’s your proudest accomplishment in Avon?A: The roundabouts, the landscaping and the art work. Avon is very unique.Q: What’s your biggest disappointment?A: Not seeing the Village at Avon completed, but I’m not sure I would live that long anyway.Q: What will you miss most?A: The staff. The residents of Avon have the most dedicated group of individuals that I have ever worked with.

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