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‘Bingo for books’ backs charter academy

Carolyn Pope
Vanna (Karin Barker) with principal Jay Cerny

The squeals of the winners resonated in the cafeteria of Berry Creek Middle School. The annual bingo night is more of a fun-raiser than fund raiser, even though the dollars collected are the reason for the evening.

“It’s a fun night playing ‘bingo for books’,” said Karin Barker, who helped organize the event.

The money raised goes directly into the Eagle County Charter Academy’s library fund. Laura Cerny, Beth O’Reilly and Sarah Hymes created the fund raiser, which entices parents, grandparents, students and their siblings to throw their dollars in with the hope of being the first lucky one to spell a word horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

And from the standing-room only crowd, it would seem that bingo’s appeal hasn’t dwindled.

Each grade created a gargantuan gift basket – each with a different theme – as a prize for the winners. Occasionally, the basket would have to be split, but that just assured more winners.

Principal Jay Cerny manned the popping balls, while Barker proved a stellar Vanna White-style sidekick.

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